Complete gas management solutions

Pressure equipment, safety control, automatic meter reading for industrial and domestic meters.
New Smart Devices , the Generation 4 you!

Smart Water Metering

Smart water meters, due to their advanced technology, allow to monitor consumption in real time and have a detailed view of consumption according to different time slots or time periods. In addition, smart meters make it possible to detect any water leaks in a timely manner, helping to prevent waste and reduce operating costs.

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Local Distribution Gas Station

Gas wherever it’s needed
Spread throughout the territories, local distribution stations (known as “district stations”) carry out the final reduction in gas pressure before reaching domestic and commercial users.

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Solution for Hydrogen

The company develops solutions to generate green hydrogen through the electrolysis of water, using a pro- cess based on anionic exchange membrane technology (AEMWE). Using these technologies satisfies multiple needs in the energy transition process. For example, it enables storing and consuming the hydrogen produced, thus stabilising the variability of the production of electricity from renewable sources, very often not aligned with consumption.

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PicoELCOR – PTZ Integrated Smart Meters Smart diaphragm gas meters ELGAS picoELCOR integrates the traditional technology of diaphragm gas meter and latest electronic index, ensuring

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